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粉紅獨角獸初參賽 面對破產越挫越勇

六個穿著粉紅連身服的大男孩貫徹著隊伍的精神,《Pink Fluffy Unicorn》是他們的隊伍名稱,這個充滿少女心的隊名背後有很深的涵義,他們是來自新加坡的華僑中學隊伍,認為獨角獸是個存在於夢想及魔法世界的生物,因此將其形容為友善的象徵。隊長Nicholas表示:「我們就像個小時後畫的塗鴉本,有魔法彩虹和各種幸福快樂的元素,每個人都和樂融融。」

Six big boy wearing the pink jumpsuits, they are “Pink Fluffy Unicorn”. They are students from Hwa Chong Institution. And this colourful cute team name is actually much more than a cute name. They said that the unicorn stands for the diversity culture of Singapore. Unicorns are kind of the magical creature in a dream world, so it’s an icon represent friendly people. And why they chose pink is just because of their favorite colour. “You know it’s like paint book we alldraw before, and there are Magic rainbows, happiness and friendliness all that in it,” said Nicolas, the team leader.