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印尼隊伍 《GARUDA》第一次受邀來台灣參與智慧鐵人創意競賽,來自中爪哇的他們即使習慣了印尼的炎熱氣候,但他們都一致對台灣濕熱的夏天留下深刻印象。

The team GARUDA from Indonesia was first invited to participate Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest. Most of them are from central Java. They have experienced the hot summer days in Taiwan which is totally different from Indonesia

再出征 《Dokkaebi》熱浪中盼獲佳績


The International Intelligent Ironman Creativity contest is held 13 years now, and the Korea team participate this year also. Although the members in Dokkaebi is from different schools, they have the confidence and courage to accomplish best in IICC.

《Polaris》首戰智鐵 用桌遊熟悉彼此


Polaris represent firmness, loyaty, and immutable. Although this is the first time that they participate in the IICC, and they are from different classes, each one has his talent confidently.

遠渡重洋 《CLC》以勇氣化解難關


The team which got full applause is Chile’s team CLC. They still showed nice and steady attitude on the stage after all the problem of music like the missing of USB and fail to play the music with the technical problem.