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密室脫逃 小鐵人勇闖「SCP基金會」

SCP 基金會是體其題的最後一個關卡,也是本屆智慧鐵人創意競賽決賽的一大亮點,關卡以虛構組織 SCP 基金會為故事背景,讓處在牢獄之中的小鐵人必須努力尋找線索才能逃出小房間。

SCP Foundation was the final stage of the task of physical fitness. It was also a big highlight of the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest. Inspired by the stories of fictional organization SCP foundation, the contestants have to try their best to get the clues in order to escape the room.

「怪獸電力公司」 創作發電機


The only implementation in 15th IICC, Monster Inc., will invite the team to become colleague with James Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. You will work out on both wind and human powered of turbines to fix the lack of electronic problem in Monster world.

「一布之遙」 成就吳剛與嫦娥的美事


The task By A Curtain get the teams into physical fitness in different way. Inspired by the Chinese traditional story “Wu Gang chopping the tree”, the contestants have to pass the message in Herbal Area and Laurel Area respectively. They have to use five cubes of wax and sculpt it into 15 letters. Then, they need to use the flashlight to project the answer to each other.

「鏈精術匙」 空間記憶解封印


In the summon area, team members are informed to guess what kind animals is inside. Members in alchemy area can use the information to arrange the food chain.The Key Alchemist acquire teams to get the key and unlock the seal.

「時空旅人」 穿梭世界帶紙娃娃回家


The task DOLL gets team into a further stage of literature & arts challenge. In here, team members should fix all the questions of music and art from the past to present of both Western and Eastern worlds. Then can help the old man of IICC to bring back his memories.