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密室脫逃 小鐵人勇闖「SCP基金會」

SCP 基金會是體其題的最後一個關卡,也是本屆智慧鐵人創意競賽決賽的一大亮點,關卡以虛構組織 SCP 基金會為故事背景,讓處在牢獄之中的小鐵人必須努力尋找線索才能逃出小房間。

SCP Foundation was the final stage of the task of physical fitness. It was also a big highlight of the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest. Inspired by the stories of fictional organization SCP foundation, the contestants have to try their best to get the clues in order to escape the room.

《TJ Commando》開拓智鐵新體驗

馬來西亞隊伍《TJ Commando》闊別多年再度來台灣參與智慧鐵人創意競賽,對智慧鐵人充滿好奇心的他們,即使即將面臨升學考試,但依然堅持來參賽。

《TJ Commando》 is an international team from Malaysia. All of them are curious about the idea of Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest. They have waited for this opportunity for so long even though their final exam just around the corner.

「一布之遙」 成就吳剛與嫦娥的美事


The task By A Curtain get the teams into physical fitness in different way. Inspired by the Chinese traditional story “Wu Gang chopping the tree”, the contestants have to pass the message in Herbal Area and Laurel Area respectively. They have to use five cubes of wax and sculpt it into 15 letters. Then, they need to use the flashlight to project the answer to each other.


印尼隊伍 《GARUDA》第一次受邀來台灣參與智慧鐵人創意競賽,來自中爪哇的他們即使習慣了印尼的炎熱氣候,但他們都一致對台灣濕熱的夏天留下深刻印象。

The team GARUDA from Indonesia was first invited to participate Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest. Most of them are from central Java. They have experienced the hot summer days in Taiwan which is totally different from Indonesia

決賽開幕 各隊創意、體力大比拼