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「怪獸電力公司」 創作發電機


The only implementation in 15th IICC, Monster Inc., will invite the team to become colleague with James Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. You will work out on both wind and human powered of turbines to fix the lack of electronic problem in Monster world.

「時空旅人」 穿梭世界帶紙娃娃回家


The task DOLL gets team into a further stage of literature & arts challenge. In here, team members should fix all the questions of music and art from the past to present of both Western and Eastern worlds. Then can help the old man of IICC to bring back his memories.

「川聲引線」 展現小隊運動精神


In here, team members don’t need to understand too much scientific intelligence, but hold physical and musical intelligence. Simultaneously, strong body is necessary for them to cross the river successfully, and make the saver rope get onto the right stake.

遠渡重洋 《CLC》以勇氣化解難關


The team which got full applause is Chile’s team CLC. They still showed nice and steady attitude on the stage after all the problem of music like the missing of USB and fail to play the music with the technical problem.

多元智鐵 吸引慈中學生熱切參賽