《The Palette》調色盤畫美麗藍圖

闖關驚喜得分 越南隊伍《The Palette》闖決賽(Teamwork! “The Palette” Team Vietnam Challenges IICC

專注緊盯綠色大球,單腳一踢、幸運地碰到下顆球,一桿進洞得分,全隊興高采烈的大聲歡呼,活潑開朗的他們是來自越南的國際隊伍《The Palette》。

All eyes focus on the green ball. He kicks, it hits and he scores! With the whole team cheering happily, they are “The Palette”

《The Palette》取名調色盤 各司其職完成任務(With Various Specialties, Team Vietnam Work as One

取名為《The Palette》的越南隊伍,以調色盤作為隊名由來,擁有不同專業背景的他們,透過自己的強項來組隊,猶如調色盤各司其職般來完成各項任務。

Team Vietnam is called “The Palette”, signifying members as different colors, talents. With each specialized background, they form to unite as one, just like the painting palette, creating masterpieces.

談到如何面對智鐵72小時不間斷的挑戰,隊員Vu Hoang Long表示,對我和我們團隊而言,是第一次參加如此極具規模的比賽,競賽的形式包括闖關活動和主軸任務,都是第一次嘗試,這真的很有挑戰性。

Vu Hoang Long, member of “The Palette” says, “To me and to all of the members, it is the first time we enter such competition. The format of the competition and also the task, the ingredients for the project. Everything is new. It is very, you know, challenging.”

談到對台灣最印象深刻的事,隊長Vuong Duc Manh說,來台灣印象深刻的當然還是智慧鐵人競賽,除了好玩之外,也很有教育意義,並表示真的很感激生命中有這麼棒的體驗。」

Well, obviously the most impressive thing that I’ve seen so far in Taiwan must have been the competition that IICC held because it was a really fun, and educational playground for us and we’re really grateful to have such a meaningful experience in our lives.

二度參賽 指導老師組隊闖關體驗(Vietnamese Instructor Leads “Teacher’s Team” to Experience IICC


It’s the second year of IICC for Team Vietnam. Team members filled with passion and excitement. What’s more, the Vietnamese instructor formed a team of teachers, and they took on the toughest IICC tasks. From their thrilled expressions, it isn’t hard to tell the fun.


指導老師Nguyen Quoc Dinh表示集合了眾多國際隊伍老師組隊,親自體驗了關卡,所挑戰的關卡,據說是最困難的兩個關卡,一個是有關音樂、另一個是密室逃脫,他認為兩關都創意滿滿,關主精心設計也充滿挑戰性。此外,指導老師也說,會把這些關卡的創意帶回越南,嘗試設計一個闖關活動,模式相同,讓越南高中各校體驗。

Nguyen Quoc Dinh, team instructor for “The Palette” says, “So that we formed a group of teachers to form a team. And we experienced two of the toughest task in this competition. One with the music and the other one we escape from the prison. So I think the two tasks are very creative and very well-organized. In terms of the complexity. We also have a copy of that we’ll bring back to Vietnam and we’ll try to organize a mini game. The same format but maybe 20-hour contest between the student of different school in Vietnam.”

72小時競賽不間斷 決賽結果各隊期待(IICC Final Results, all Teams Anticipate)

72小時不間斷的鐵人競賽,在在地考驗《The Palette》體能肌耐力的極限,而即將公布的競賽結果,也成了眾所矚目的決賽焦點。(記者苗其宏、劉以羚/台大採訪報導)

The 72HR non-stop IICC challenging each player’s stamina. As we’re seconds away from the final results. All teams pray and wait, for the best outcome.(Reported by: Ken Miao & Liu, Yi-Ling. NTU)