《Polaris》首戰智鐵 用桌遊熟悉彼此


Polaris represent firmness, loyaty, and immutable. Although this is the first time that they participate in the IICC, and they are from different classes, each one has his talent confidently.


They said, they want to challenge themselves,and they can take part in different games, to pull them together. In their school, they will hold a game to choose teams every year. And Polaris won the preliminary so that they have the chance to come here. Each one in Polaris has different talent in different area such as art,history and so on. They explained, when they gather together, they can be a perfect team.


Polaris’ performance in the jubilation amazed everyone. Before the jubilation, they practice dancing after class, to develop understanding. They said, because they all don’t know how to dance, so they had to try hard, but they fell out some times.


Beside dancing, they like playing board role-playing games, through the games, the know each other better. That kind of games are good to inspire potential and find some tips. They all like playing MONOPOLY best, it’s a game that break and stabilize friendship in the same time.


Polaris’s teacher said that students think this competition is interesting, and nowadays, students usually are well-behaved. They just do what we ask then to do, and never break the rules to find other ways. But this game can let them see what they can do more. This creative competition is challenge and fresh for them.And she also hope Polaris can express their ideas braver, and know each other better.


The 72 hours competition test physical power and intelligence, but Polaris think the competition is just like a game, and they want to improve themselves through it. (Reported by Anran Xie and Lyu Hua)